Using the L2 in non-winter climates Pt. 1: Southwest 0

Posted on 3, May 2017

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During the winter, everyone (including us at Line Ward) seems to talk about “slow periods” and “down time.” Located in Buffalo, N.Y., we have almost a one-track mind: if we have snow, everyone does, too. But so many of our customers live in areas where snow is a rare occurrence. And for those people, we’ve created a series just for you, starting with the southwestern United States.

The southwest (Nevada, southern California, Arizona, etc.) is widely recognized as a hot and dry desert area, making the soil hard and tough. This might not sound like the best ground conditions for installing underground lines, but the L2 Line Layer can work wonders even in the harshest conditions.

Tough, dry soil is no match for the L2. With its 23 HP Kohler engine, this machine can get through a lot: southwestern winter soil is just the beginning.

Depending on where you are in the southwest, the terrain can be rocky and mountainous, or flat as a pancake. But going up and down hills with the L2 is just as easy as working on flat land because of its low center of gravity. Wherever you’re working, you won’t even notice a difference.

Winter may just be the perfect time to work outside in the southwest. The temperatures are cooler, so you won’t be straining yourself in the hot sun. If it does end up being a hot day, the L2’s speed will get your installation finished in no time.


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