Equipment for Underground Installation of Wires/Cables

A wire trenching machine can be messy and dangerous, digging up the ground and requiring a lot of recovery work. But with Line Ward’s L2 Line Layer, wire burying couldn’t be any easier. This wire burying machine can install any wire, cable or pipe with the greatest of ease. What makes cable installation so simple with the L2 Line Layer are the special features unique to the cable installation industry. Underground wire pulling can be completed faster and leave barely any damage, simply a slit in the ground. The L2 Line Layer’s sewing machine-like motion allows it to cut the ground and install the wire simultaneously. The underground wire puller can also cut down hand labor on a project because of its one foot turning radius and Line Ward’s “Rocking Chair System,” allowing the L2 Line Layer to rock back and forth, reaching areas close to poles, buildings and other obstacles. The unique features make Line Ward’s L2 Line Layer the most efficient and effective machine on the market.