L2 Line Layer: Equipment For Underground Cable Pulling & Laying

Line Ward’s reputation in the telephone industry carried over to the growing CATV market in the 80s. Cable TV operators and contractors alike found that Line Ward machines could help their industry grow by allowing them to install their service drops in the established lawns of customers without the damage that trenching and other underground installations cause.

The L2 Line Layer should be your first choice for underground cable installation equipment and cable pulling equipment. Line Ward’s cable laying machine is equipped with features completely unique to its industry. These features include but are not limited to: Line Ward’s “Rocking Chair System,” a compact size of 26 inches, and a turn radius of about 1 foot (the smallest in the market). This is what makes the L2 Line Layer the best cable burying machine out there. Not only does it reduce the dangers of trenching, but it also saves money. For all of your underground cable burying needs, contact Line Ward about the L2 Line Layer today.

Man Installing Underground Cable with L2 Line Layer Equipment