Trenchless Line Layer for Easy Underground Installation of Lines, Cables, Pipes 0

Posted on 28, August 2015

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Underground installation of cables, lines, and pipes can be a difficult job if you do not have the right equipment. A vibratory plow or line layer is best used for this purpose. But, before you spend your money on any of these, you should do your research. Does the line layer you are looking at provide precise cutting of the ground with minimal lawn damage? If not, then you might be in for some extra work, trying to restore the area. You need to buy equipment that uses the rapidly growing trenchless technology so that underground installation doesn’t affect do more damage than necessary.

This is where our L2 Line Layer is the best equipment you can find for this specific purpose. You have the option of selecting the right blade for your line layer depending on what you will be installing. The Line Ward Line Layer uses a variety of blades to install wire, pipe, or conduit that allow the L2 to cut through the ground with hardly any damage to the lawn. The L2 Line Layer also allows easy maneuverability and provides more accurate depths for underground installation.

If you have an underground installation job in hand, come to us for a fitting solution!


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