The L2 Line Layer

A Vibratory Plow for Trenchless Underground Installation of Cables & Sprinkler Pipes

The L2 Line Layer utilizes a unique, trenchless, reciprocating motion similar to an industrial sewing machine. Unlike other underground installation methods such as standard vibratory cable & pipe plows and trenchers, the L2 Line Layer’s precision cutting plow blade produces a barely visible slit in the ground while simultaneously burying the desired lines.

Special features:

  • Powered by a new 23 horsepower Tier II Kohler engine
  • Powerful yet fuel-efficient drive train
  • Gearbox has both high and low range settings
  • Installation speeds up to 120 feet per minute
  • High transport speeds up to 140 feet per minute
  • Low center of gravity and balanced weight enables the operator to easily maneuver the Line Layer
  • Distinctive, patented design permits the smallest turning radius – approximately one foot – on the market without any damage to the line, cable, or pipe being installed
  • Unique “Rocking Chair System” permits forward or backward tipping to allow underground installation close to buildings, pedestals or poles, eliminating costly, time-consuming hand labor
  • Compact L2 Line Layer is a mere 26 inches wide and allows excellent maneuverability in confined areas. This allows the L2 to work where other vibratory cable & pipe plows can’t.
  • Each rubber track provides 7.5″ by 13″ of ground contact area for optimum traction and flotation with a minimal ground pressure of 4.2 pounds per square inch
  • 1 year limited warranty [excluding tracks, blades and wear items]
  • 2 year warranty on Kohler engine

Line Ward’s patented L2 Line Layer machines are manufactured and sold across the nation. Our line laying vibratory plow is the first choice made by contractors throughout the country. The L2 Line Layer’s compact size and powerful force make it the ideal machine to install pipe, wire and conduit no matter the conditions.

L2 Line Layer