Specialized vibratory plow blades by Line Ward 0

Posted on 31, March 2017

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For our customers’ convenience, Line Wad provides a wide variety of vibratory plow blade options for the L2 Line Layer. We understand that every job is different, and having the appropriate tools on-hand makes your installations move quickly, with no problems (hopefully).

Our plow blade options will let you complete any job with ease, no matter the location or terrain. Each standard reciprocating blade can reach a 13-inch depth with one-inch increments. Line Ward also provides 16-inch blades upon request.

Six varieties of blades are available so you can have the perfect blade no matter the installation. The blade options include the pull blade, ripper blade, root blade, regular feed cable plow blade, large feed blade and the extra-large feed cable plow blade.

With these blade types available from Line Ward, you can install multiple large wires along with regular sized wires in almost any ground condition with precision and efficiency.


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