L2 Line Layer: Why this Compact Size Vibratory Plow is a Better Choice than other Vibratory Plows Available in the Market? 0

Posted on 17, August 2016

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Vibratory plows are supposed to be convenient, right? And being able to install pipes, wires and conduit without digging trenches and ruining the land is pretty convenient. But what about getting into those small spaces or tight turns? A lot of those parts need to be done by hand, and that can take time and money—not to mention that there’s a lot of room for error.

But with Line-Ward’s L2 Line Layer, these problems are a thing of the past. The patented design of the L2 Line Layer is the most compact in the market. The machine is a mere 26 inches wide, which allows for excellent maneuverability in confined areas. Because of its size, the L2 Line Layer has the ability to work where other vibratory plows can’t. This reduces the amount of time and money spent on hand labor. The job then becomes safer and is finished faster.

The L2 Line Layer has a special feature completely unique to the market—the Line Ward “Rocking Chair System,” which allows the L2 Line Layer to move back and forth, reaching around poles or buildings, again eliminating the need for hand labor.

To add to the L2 Line Layer’s incredible maneuverability, the rubber tracks that the machine moves on provides 7.5’’ by 13’’ of ground contact area for optimum traction and flotation with a minimal ground pressure of 4.2 lbs. per square in.

With all of these features plus ones not mentioned such as a one foot turning radius, powerful and fuel-efficient drive train and a high transport speed of 140 ft. per minute, the L2 Line Layer is without a doubt an incredible piece of machinery. The L2 Line Layer is a vibratory plow line no other, saving you money, time and stress on your next underground pipe installation project.


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