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Posted on 17, December 2014

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The advancement in technology and the invention of high-tech machines and tools has simplified many tasks. Trenchless technology implementation is one of the many innovations in the construction world that has increased efficiency when installing underground utilities. The increasing emphasis on infrastructural development projects for urban and rural areas made it essential to invent improved processes for installing underground utilities. This process requires less disruption and essentially no restoration work and is one of the most efficient techniques to lay underground utilities and lawn irrigation.

If trenchless technology is in your plans, then you will first have to find the proper equipment. The Line Ward L2 allows for lines to be “stitched” into the ground rather than opening a trench which will then need to be backfilled causing more labor and much more mess. The L2 can also bore or “tunnel” underground in order to install up to 1 1/2” conduit under paved or other surfaces which need not be disturbed. This equipment is specially designed for use in underground construction work. When purchasing a machine, you should consult a specialist in order to know what are the essential pros and cons that you need to consider while buying one. The trenchless technology experts will advise you about the use of this construction equipment and will make sure that the one you will be purchasing is well suited for the underground installation that has to be accomplished.

If you are in the market for trenchless equipment for utility or lawn irrigation installation, Line-Ward may be the answer. The company has been in the industry for more than 40 years providing solutions to Telephone Companies, Cable Operators, Utility Contractors, and Lawn Irrigation installers. Line Ward machines will provide efficiency and simplicity. Therefore, investing in them can certainly be a lucrative deal. To know about these drilling machines, you can search through the Line Wards website where you can find comprehensive data on the L2.


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