L2 Line Layer from Line Ward Featured In October 2015 Edition of the Utility Source 0

Posted on 9, December 2015

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The installation of underground cable, piping, and conduit has always been a task which requires specialized equipment in order to accomplish the job efficiently. Equipment that is maneuverable, efficient, versatile, and customizable can help to accomplish the task for more production and profit. The answer to the above problem is the L2 Line Layer from Line Ward Corporation. It uses trenchless technology to reduce lawn restoration and can provide efficient underground installation for a variety of job types in an effective and precise manner. It is compact, but powerful and has an optional boring attachment that makes it highly effective for the utility and irrigation industries.

The L2 Line Layer has become a preferred tool in the telecommunications and irrigation industries and has also managed to derive recognition from some of the most reputable media sources over the years. As a testimony to the usefulness of the equipment, The Utility Source, a digital magazine covering utility products and equipment, featured a detailed article on the L2 Line Layer in its October 2015 issue. In this article, the magazine mentions the advantages and features of the L2, and also talks about the journey of the company from its inception in 1972 until today.

When a source that people refer to before choosing their Telecom, CATV, and Electric utility construction equipment recognizes a product or company, it only improves their credibility in the eyes of the end users. Though the benefits of L2 Line Layer from Line Ward Corporation speak for itself, these mentions only acknowledge the reputation it has built on through the years. Publications such as the Utility Source provide a great service by helping people find the right product for their job and making smart purchasing decisions for their businesses.


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