L2 Line Layer: Equipment for Underground Installation of Fiber Optic Cable

With the current movement to build fiber optic networks for internet, telephone, and pay television, the fiber to the home (ftth) can be a challenge. Laying the fiber to the home can easily be accomplished with the L2 Line Layer either by direct burying the fiber or installing conduit for the fiber to be pulled through. Either technique allows the installation to be efficient and neat, reducing follow up restoration.

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Installation

Line Ward’s L2 Line Layer is the nation’s first choice for fiber optic cable installation equipment. The L2 Line Layer will complete your fiber optic cable installation leaving nothing but a slit in the ground. This powerful, yet compact fiber optic cable installer is complete with features unique to the fiber optic cable installation industry. With its “Rocking Chair System,” small turning radius and sewing machine motion, fiber optic will be installed efficiently, saving time and money. The L2 Line Layer can install even beyond fiber optic cable. Whether you’re installing fiber optic, wire or pipe, the L2 Line Layer can get the job done.

L2 Line Layer