Everything You Need to Know When Buying an Irrigation Pipe Puller 0

Posted on 3, August 2016

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When installing an irrigation system in your yard, there are a lot of things to think about. Trenching or pipe pulling? What do I need to look for in my equipment? And what’s going to create the least damage to my lawn?

We’ll make this simple for you: pipe pulling is better than trenching. It will cause minimal damage to your lawn as opposed to trenching, which digs up everything in its path. With the L-2 Line Layer, pipe pulling is easy, and creates nothing but a slit in the ground. As for what you should be looking for in your irrigation pipe puller, here are a few tips:

Productivity. You want a machine that will give you the speed to get the job done quickly. But you don’t want to compromise the quality of the pipe pulling, either. A machine that is efficient and well built will ensure your irrigation system is installed easily, correctly, and without issues.

Safety. Ultimately, you want a machine that’s going to keep you or your workers safe. This is why pipe pulling is a better choice than trenching. Yes, the pipe puller has moving parts and requires safe use, but a trencher has a large chain on the outside, causing thousands of injuries each year.


Efficiency. At the end of the day, a pipe puller is going to cause you less stress and money. With trenching, reseeding and leveling the ground is guaranteed. With a pipe puller, there’s barely any damage to your lawn, making reseeding and leveling unnecessary.


After putting so much work into your yard, the last thing you want is to start over. There’s no doubt that pipe pulling is the best option when installing an irrigation system. For more information on pipe pulling, irrigation systems, or the L-2 Line Layer, contact Line-Ward today.


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