Best Practices for Using The Cable Burying Machine for Best Results With Less Effort 0

Posted on 26, July 2016

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From safety to efficiency, there are many aspects to think about before using a cable burying machine. That being said, here is a list of best practices in order to use the cable burying machine for best results.

-Before beginning the project, all workers must be fully educated and comfortable with the machinery. Proper training and supervision are required to keep workers safe. All workers must understand and be familiar with the Occupational Safety and Hazard Act, along with local, state federal and industry codes and regulations.

-The machinery and cables should be properly inspected to avoid mishaps or injury, and poor performance.

-A pre-survey of the land under construction should be taken in order to plan for any obstacles that may be encountered along the line of work. Underground locating services should have previously been notified.

Once the precautions and safety measures are taken, it’s time to get to work. While working with the cable burying machine, be sure to consider the following.

-Make sure the cable is buried to specified depths.

-Choose the right blades for the job. The pre-survey should reveal the type of ground you’ll be working with. Using the right blades with ensure that the project is done with ease.

-Take advantage of the machine’s features. The L2 cable burying machine allows the operator to utilize a Rocking Chair System, which allows the blade to enter and exit the ground at close proximity to the house, pole, or pedestal. Be knowledgeable in your machine’s features and use them accordingly.

-Follow rules and regulations. If a machine or task requires more than one worker, don’t try to do the job yourself. Use the required amount of workers, safety equipment and follow any other requirements so the project can be finished quickly without any problems.

Following these best practices when using a cable burying machine will help your workers stay safe and your projects run smoothly.


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