BA2C: Equipment for Horizontal Directional Boring & Drilling

Horizontal Boring allows the underground installation of pipe, wire, or conduit under surfaces without cutting or disturbing that surface. There are a variety of machines to do this type of job varying in cost from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Line-Ward's BA2C Horizontal Boring unit is an attachment that transforms the L2 Line Layer into an efficient horizontal directional boring & drilling machine. The BA2C was designed for the installation crew who needs to install lines under driveways and sidewalks encountered on day to day installations.

Attaching the BA2C boring unit when needed is simple, fast, and requires no tools. It utilizes a rugged gear reduction box to transfer power from the 23HP Kohler Engine to the 5' long drilling rods. The unit includes 30 feet of rods that easily snap together, allowing for horizontal boring of most driveways encountered. Two drilling heads are included, one for normal ground conditions and one with carbide teeth to work through tough, rocky ground.

Using the BA2C Horizontal Boring Equipment when attached with L2 Line Layer requires two people. While one person operates the machine, a second person guides the boring rods with the use of a rod guide. The horizontal boring rods are designed to be flexed or directed in order to ensure an accurate underground bore. Once the rods have drilled under the surface, the retriever bit can be used to compact the hole and pull wire or pipe back under the surface while extracting the rods.

L2 Line Layer Attachment For Directional Boring & Drilling

L2 Line Layer Attachment For Horizontal Boring & Drilling