3 Signs That Tell You Your Project Requires The L2 Line Layer 0

Posted on 13, October 2016

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Every line installation comes with its own set of challenges, some more complicated than others. But you don’t need to let a few bumps in the road affect your installation. Many of these “problems” that result in hand labor, a torn-apart yard, and extra time spent can all be taken care of with one tiny, powerful machine: The L2 Line Layer.

If you run into any of these problems, you know it’s time to invest in one.

The path you’re (working) is too narrow

 Sometimes, machines are just too big to get through narrow pathway, and resorting to hand labor feels like a last resort. But the L2 Line Layer is so compact, just over two feet wide,it’s able to fit in those small nooks and pathways that big trenchers can’t get through.

 There are just too many obstacles

 The L2’s maneuverability is unmatched by any other underground cable installation equipment or machine in the market. It’s turn radius of approximately one foot helps get through cluttered backyards and loop around obstacles.

 You’re under a tight deadline

 A client of Line Ward’s once said that they finished a (two)-day project in just three hours. The L2’s speed and accuracy allows any installation to be done efficiently, satisfying your customers. Because the L2 “sews” the line into the ground, clean-up and lawn restoration is at a minimum, making for a speedy installation no matter what.

Before you begin overcharging and overworking, think of your options. Having an L2 Line Layer around will save you a lot of time and a lot of stress when these little hiccups arise.



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